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Check out the newest hit single from adriansings and Joey Vantes - Up or Down


Adriansings’ new album Odyssey is on the way! With a late-October release date on the horizon, the buzz is only getting louder. With the success of STARGAZE (feat. Kid Tris), adriansings has released another single from the upcoming full-length album. Listen to Up or Down with Joey Vantes now.

Boy you ain’t lose one step. Great work.
— Joey Vantes, Artist
1995 go hard bro. I like your style and believe in your work.
— Kid Tris, Artist
This [album] is fire. Where you been man?
— Jonathan, MrGalaxy015
It definitely shows in the quality and content of your music. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album [1995].
— Derrick, Gospel Hydration

"I want to make good music. My mission to bring peace where there is chaos, love where there is hate, and life to what has been dead for so long."